03 October 2009

another omegle's FREAKY conversation.

Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger : sicowogilakeju
You : gw

Stranger: i like cheese
You: heyy
You: me too
Stranger: good
You: i love mozarella
Stranger: im a cheddar child
You: are you from holland?
You: haha
Stranger: no
Stranger: are you?
You: me too
You: coz you know.. holland is world of cheese
Stranger: OF COURSE
Stranger: yes i am from holland then
Stranger: i have sex with cheese on some days
You: haha
You: really?
Stranger: yes
You: how old are you kid?
Stranger: gets pretty messy
Stranger: 14
You: 14 years old boy having sex with cheddar cheese?
You: thats really.......... unique (padahal gw mau bilang lo ANEH)

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